It seems that my first impulse on almost anything is to reject it. Any suggestion, proposal or statement spoken to me is something I want to fight against, apparently, at least until it's been proven more solidly to be a good idea or a true statement. When someone suggests an idea to me at work, my first impulse is to think that there's something wrong with it. There must something we've overlooked that would undermine the whole idea. Actually, now that I think about it, I do the same thing to my own ideas >_<;. I guess more specifically speaking, I reject anything that seems obvious. If it seems obvious to do something in a certain way, there's probably something wrong with it, no matter if it's a programming matter or a question of decicing one's life's path. Don't choose the obvious way. That would accurately describe me, I think.

Speaking of rejection, I am starting to dislike more and more the facebooktwitterlinkedin culture these days. It's just too much! I really don't want to say whether or not I like every little sentence every one of my friends posts on facebook or twitter. I really don't care how many friends I have on facebook or how many connections on linkedin. It's all just an annoying game, a fad that will fade out of existence again when it loses popularity. As other people have said before me, the internet is a fleeting medium, and stuff disappears just as fast as it appears. There are so many lines of thought available to everyone in this decennium, but perhaps the most important and most interesting lines of thought are being drowned out in the noise. Compare this time to a time of 20-30 years ago when interesting ideas were pursued and books were written that mattered, whereas lately the sheer amount of information, useLess and useFull, is just too much to wade through. I don't think sites like digg or twitter are any good at selecting what is 'good' information and what is 'bad', but I don't have any alternatives either. People should think about this a bit more.

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