Back on track!

My bicycle is finally fixed ^_^. Final cost: 15.000 yen, all included. New rear wheel and tyre, new 'crankshaft'-y thingie between the pedals, new rear light and the thing feels as new again. I had agreed with the shop owner that he would call me after he got the parts so that he could give me a price estimate. He kindly just fixed it and told me the cost afterwards -____-. Anyway, I'm happy now. Whenever I feel that my current life is boring I can just grab by tent and ride my bicycle in any direction that I damn well please :D Freedom!

Side note: the solar eclipse sucked buffalo balls!!! Couldn't see the damn sun because of the thick clouds. It was dark here for the entire day, not just for five minutes. So much for this wonderufl historical event that only happens once every century...

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