For weeks or months now I have been operating in freeflow mode. That is: whenever I feel like doing something, I do it. Or, whenever I don't feel like doing something, I don't do it. That sounds like something that could go horribly wrong, but strangely enough things are going quite alright. I can't keep it up 100% of course. There's work, and there's meetings I need to schedule and prepare for that I don't want to do, but all in all the percentage of things in my life that I don't like is at an all-time low.

Example. I was cycling to somewhere. Suddenly I thought: I want to eat strawberries! So I turned around and cycled to the supermarket.

Ok, stupid example. And the supermarket didn't have strawberries either. But you see my point, I hope. If the thought enters your mind, it must be for a reason. So why not follow up on it. I could have thought: but I'm going home right now, I MUST go home. In a freeflow state there is no fixed 'mode' that your brain operates in. It can change instantly to something else. Kind of like ADD, which is now called ADHD. Apparently ADD also stands for Asian Drinking Disorder. Brilliant. Call it voluntary ADHD then. It's rather relaxing except for when I'm surfing wikipedia. I always seem to want to click on one more link before going to bed...

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