My 'old' 400D still brings me a lot of joy. It's so easy to use. It's nice and small and easy to take everywhere, and somehow the built-in flash gives me better results than the built-in one on my 50D or the expensive external one, at least for parties and wide shots. I rarely use the full automatic mode (the green rectangle) but whenever I use it the results are excellent.

This particular shot, though, is as manual as it gets. It's a combination of three exposures using an infrared filter on the 400D using a 50mm prime at f/2.8. I photoshopped the result a bit to return the colors to something resembling real life and to add a bit of sharpness. Exposures were 2 seconds, 6 seconds and 25 seconds at ISO400. It feels like cheating when you mess with the channels in PS, but I guess it can't be helped for infrared shots. Note: at very long exposures a considerable amount is leaking in through the eyepiece. Be sure to cover it when doing infrared in daylight!

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