Visualizing music

I was randomly surfing youtube yesterday when I found this video:

It's a game called AudioSurf. It's kind of similar to guitar hero or other musical games, where you have to hit blocks in a sequence corresponding to the music. The cool thing is: the game allows you to load any song on your PC, and the track and the blocks change according to the song played. It's a really cool way to visualise music. Technically it's executed brilliantly, and it's a project I wish I had thought of. The concept is good, and technically challenging to create. The execution is perfect, with the game running from Steam directly. All you need to do is get steam, download the demo (which stops working after 4 songs), and then buy the full game for $10 (which I did). This is the kind of business I like.

I found that fast-paced songs with lots of instruments create the most interesting tracks. It's kind of interesting, that an in terms of audio 'inferior' song may yield the better visuals. It kind of reminds of a passage in the book The Mind's I, where an example is raised of a person who enjoys a piece of music by looking at the musical notation rather than listening to it. I wonder what kind of opinion deaf people would form based on the visualization of a song.

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