The Evilry of Apple

Thank you very much iTunes, for not being able to support nested playlists when doing a manual sync. Thank you also for deleting all my movies and tv shows from my iPod when I specifically selected that I ONLY WANTED TO SYNC MY GODDAMN AUDIO PLAYLISTS!>!>!!$R@U*RT%

Seriously, why is Apple such an evil company? It fits right in there with the likes of Sony. Microsoft is nice and friendly in terms of software when compared to Apple. I'm not even going to complain that Apple released yet another version of the iPod Classic that brings nothing new to the market, frustrating people who want to bring their entire collection of mp3s with them to no end.. The worst thing is that there is no competition. There is no other manufacturer around that manufactures an mp3 player of such a small size with such a large storage capacity. But Apple, just because your hardware is great it doesn't mean that you have to be such a dick about your software...

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