A new look

Since I'm posting a lot of photos here lately I've decided that it's time for a change in theme. I've kind of abandoned the photoblog that I used to post photos from before. It's more convenient to have it all in one on wordpress, but the selection of themes on the wordpress site is not really accomodating to photoblog authors who also like to have a regular blogpost in-between the photos from time to time. I chose the current theme because it resizes nicely: you can make it wider for photos, which I can now post in a bigger size, and for reading text you can still make it more narrow if you so desire. I do miss the old header image though, especially after all the time I spent making an outline of the mountains I see every day from my window.. Though when I asked my friends if they knew what kind of image was in the header they guessed wrong twice. Oh well, no big loss then, I guess.

For nostalgia's sake, here's a list of the headers that I made for this blog in the past. Some of them I didn't end up using, but I might as well share them here, since there won't be a new header for quite some time. At last I can post bigger photos :)


(Ok, I cheated with the bottom one, cause that was the logo of the last blog I had on blogspot. )

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