Weekend sux

It's been raining for the past three out of four days, and it's been cloudy and dark and miserable for four out of four days. Can't say I enjoy cycling in this weather, but I did do two quick trips while it was dry, just for the sake of exercising. I'll certainly be happy when the temperatures start going up again...

Went to the bike shop today, got some stuff:

  • Water bottle + holder. Text on the bag says "Use me to quench your thirst". Very quenchy.
  • Inner tire (called チューブ, as in YouTube). I'll be carring that around on my trip as a spare in case I get a flat tire. Of course I already have puncture kits.
  • Brake blocks (called ゴムin Japanese)

Here's the loot from last Friday:

  • Tripod (old one broke -__-)
  • Circular polarizer (didn't have one yet)
  • Waterproof laptop case that was very cheap and made in China
  • Slightly better lens pouch (compared to the Canon pouches I have now which I are not waterproof at all, as I found out last year at Victoria falls)
  • Waterproof plastic bag that I can't figure out how to open cause the instructions are in Japanese

Yes, I know what you're thinking: this guy is only buying more stuff! He should be getting rid of the stuff that he has instead. Well, I'm trying, kind of. I've been trying to sell one of my lenses on Rakuten, but so far nobody's interested. Today I went to our local second-hand store, The Smile Company, to sell one of my old camera's: an Ixus portable cam with underwater case and extra battery. Result: they complained that I didn't have the original box and that the camera had scratches on it. Finally, they offered me 2000 yen. In universal currency, that's about four beers at a nice restaurant. So I politely told them 'bullshit', and they politely told me to 'fuck off'. (No really, it was quite polite). In the end I sold them just the camera for 2000 yen, and kept the underwater case, cause they can't sell that anyway. So an underwater case that's in perfect condition and bloody expensive is now worth nothing, and a slightly broken and scratchy camera is worth four beers. It's all about supply and demand... Anyway, if anybody wants the underwater case, let me know. It's a Canon WP-DC17.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's some pics of this weekend.

Anti-nice weather
Objects in picture are colder than they appear
My room, minor mess
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