3 weeks..

I've been busy recently. So busy in fact that I've hardly had time to think. There's a lot of stuff I need to finish at work. The most important thing I'm doing right now is transferring the system I've created to my colleagues. After the first knowledge transfer session today I realize that my time estimates were rather optimistic... At home things are not much better: selling all my stuff, preparing stuff to be sent home, gathering stuff for the big cycling trip, doing those last-minute things that I can only do now, it's pretty hectic.

When things get too hectic I escape. I'm imagining myself on the first day of cycling, right after leaving everything behind, setting off for mount Fuji. I imagine how relaxed I will feel, and how all my stress will have disappeared. I must have imagined the first day in my head for at least 30 times. Every time it plays out the same: I don't feel anything. No emotion. No big farewell. I just leave.

Three more weeks...

(Side note: this blog now accessible from colorfulwolf.com - eventually I will try to share and host photos of the trip there!)

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