Atsugi today

I decided to take a walk today. It kind of reminded me of why I was so excited about the whole cycling trip idea in the first place. Finding new places, seeing new things, it's great. I've kind of forgotten about that in the past few days because of all the stress in getting my room sorted out. Anyway, here's some photos.

In 2010 AD spring was beginning.
But it's still cold.
And it gets dark early.

I'm still waiting for the parts to arrive for my bicycle. I'm not expecting bikeshopguy to fail, but I'd say that the chance of failure is far from zero, so I'm already searching for other nearby cycling shops that might be able to help me instead.

Also of note: I've started doing the most fun task today: packing my sidebags for the trip! I've filled up one bag so far with rain clothes and maintenance stuff (pump, tire fix kits, tie wraps, bike tools etc.). Three to go, which need to fit my tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and daily food/drink supply. I'm also planning to bring some books to read but I might have to put those in my huge backpack, which is already way too heavy with all the tech equipment. More on that later.. >_<;

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