After getting off the ferry I initially went the wrong way. Can't go south cause I'll get stuck on a peninsula. Have to go north now, to Ise. Before going north I had an awesome lunch at a sushi place near the harbor. Every plate was 105 yen! And it was good stuff too. Not excellent, but good. I quite enjoyed myself.

Going north I soon reached Futami, suddenly spotted a sign that said 'youth hostel' and followed it until I reached a mountain. After a nasty walk up the hill I found that the youth hostel is located next to a temple, which is a pretty awesome place for a youth hostel. Since it was cheap too (only 2500 yen) I decided to stay there for tonight and take it easy. There might be rain tonight, and tomorrow will be a tough day. Besides that, I saw my face again for the first time in 2 days, and I'm completely red, despite the sunscreen. Any more sun and I'll explode.

The path to my hostel. 

I wanted to do laundry around here, but alas, no coin laundry in sight, and people tell me it doesn't exist. So instead I went tourist-mode and went to frogrock, which is about 500m from the hostel. It's supposedly quite a famous site. This website has some more info about it. All I saw was a rock that looked like a frog, and a bunch of old Japanese people who walked funny. Tourism sucks. Definitely not going to Ise jingu. There is zero value in doing things that are already documented online. After all, there's no physical effort involved in watching, so what's the point?

It's just a rock, dude. Stop it.

I just checked the weather report again, and it definitely looks like rain. Great... Well, at least I won't get as much sunburn then. Tomorrow is a rough day: I'm following the route 42 all the way down deep into Mie-ken. I'm not sure if I can reach the 'bottom', but I'll give it a try. Depending on the weather and the road I might just follow the main road all the time, getting some momentum going so I can reach Kyoto quickly. I could use a break, and I could definitely use some clean clothes.

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