Even rainy days have become a routine. I wake up in the youth hostel and take a look outside, realize that it's raining and check the weather report online. I keep hoping that it will stop soon so that I can move on. After checking the weather report I know that it won't stop until late in the afternoon and I decide to stay for one more day. After deciding to stay I wish for the rain to get worse, so that I am justified in my decision. It did get worse, and now I'm all alone in the youth hostel in a dark old room.

I'm quite susceptible to the weather, even when not traveling. Rainy days depress me, and sunny days please me more than the average person. I always thought it's because I like to take photos, which look a lot better with a clear blue sky. Maybe I'm just addicted to colors.

Since today is raining I'm feeling rather down. My stomach feels better since yesterday but my muscles have started to hurt even more. It's at days like this that I wonder if I should just cycle straight to the finish without taking detours. The fantastic Kyushu-zigzag-plan that I made yesterday seems impossible to do on days like today. I haven't quite reached my limits yet. Before the end of this trip I must go out and cycle in the pouring rain, camp in the pouring rain, live in the pouring rain, for the sole reason of challenging myself. If I can't do that then I won't be fully satisfied.

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