Full of holes


I am on a tiny little beach in the middle of nowhere. You're not allowed to swim here because it's too dangerous. It's raining for the whole day and the only place to take shelter is a small roofed building under which I've parked my tent. Besides me there are two other people, both not very talkative. We really don't have a lot in common and barely speak. Tonight the three of us basically spent our time staring at the rain without saying a word to each other, occassionaly making comments like "horrible rain, desu ne?", or "I wish the rain would stop...". The cat from yesterday came along to keep us company, but no baumkuchen today. Eventually I gave up trying to strike a conversation and went into my tent.

I have to admit I'm a little out of my comfort zone. No shower, no bath, and the rain preventing me from going outside for too long. At least there's a convenience store for which I am very grateful. I spent most of my day reading manga on my laptop, which then ran out of battery and I had to find a spot to recharge. There was only one suitable spot in the area.

Borrowing power

For reference: Asus 1101HA charges about 60% of its battery in one hour, while I waited under the tiny roof and looked at the rain.

I really feel bad on days that I don't cycle. Life is just so simple when I'm cycling. I have a goal and I need to get there before sunset. It's that simple. I create a larger goal by nominating Cape Sata as my final destination, so that I have something long-term to work towards. Cycling towards that goal is just a great feeling, no matter if it rains or if the road is uphill or if its moist and hot, moving toward a goal is satisfying. Yesterday morning, enjoying the few minutes of good weather while cycling on a flat road between two mountains, enjoying the scenery as I cycled along, I truly felt at home. It's as if my natural state is to cycle, and to stop feels unnatural. On a rainy day like this I grow restless.

On a completely unrelated note, a would like to wish my little つんでれブラザーコン sister a happy birthday! I'll be back soon, sis :D

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