A new adventure!

Just when I thought it was over... :D

Yesterday I was thinking about what to do before taking the ferry back to Tokyo on the 31st, when Nishi and Fumi, my two jobless camping buddies came along and asked me: "Wanna go to Yakushima?".

Now that's certainly an impossible proposition, I thought. Nishi travels by car, Fumi on foot, and I by bicycle. Fumi could take the bus, but getting to the ferry by bicycle would take me three days. Unless...


We're not on Yakushima yet cause Nishi had some business to take care of first, so he sent me and Fumi to the other southern point of Kyushu, where we are now. I have a lot of stories to tell, but I am suddenly surrounded by a bunch of old people who want to play some kind of silly game that only old people play. It's early in the morning and normal people are still asleep, but old people here are playing a golf-ish type of game since 5AM. Insanity.

Next time perhaps I will tell you about the sudden free kayak adventure, the nightly fishermen who suddenly showed up and gave us three huge crabs, how Nishi's car became infested with bees and how he got rid of them, and many other stories. Right now I have to go because the oldies are starting to comment on my hair... o_0

Oh, right, the schedule. I'm taking the next ferry to Tokyo on June 5th or 6th, and going to Yakushima with Nishi and Fumi on June first!

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