Rainy season? I don't think so

Once again 2010 proves to be an unpredictable year in terms of weather. It's been strange for weeks when I started my trip, shifting from warm to cold many times, with a lot more rain than expected. Now that it's finally supposed to be rainy season the weather's never been better, and there's no sign of rain at all. Which is great, because I can continue my cycling for a bit longer. ^_^

Although in the past I applied the term 'cyclographer' to myself, recently there's a lot more cyclo-ing going on and a lot less graphing. As such I only took 7 photographs during this cycling trip. Once I'm in the right flow it's hard to stop at the side of the road, take out my camera and take a picture. Also, sending my DSLR home has left me a tad uninspired. I'll have to work on that.

(Japan wouldn't be Japan if there weren't at least a couple of power lines messing up the photo ;) )

Right after this short trip I went to the bicycle shop: the parts that they ordered for me finally arrived! My bicycle is at the shop right now, seems like it'll take about a day to replace the parts..

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