Nothing but the rain

It's been hot here, really hot. I've had hotter times in Japan, but that's a country where every apartment has air-conditioning. Not something I can say of the neighborhood I live in. I've got a small movable unit in my room, but it's not really strong enough to dissipate all the heat. The coolest place to be is an air conditioned car.

It can't stay hot like this forever though, and yesterday the bubble broke. Dark clouds appeared and a huge thunderstorm washed over us last night. It started at about 1AM and is actually still going, with worse weather on the way. The worst part happened at 3-4AM. Despite the immense heat hail stones fell out of the sky and woke me up. I took a look outside and took a video of all the flashing.

I generally like this kind of extreme weather, but not this time. My hard drive broke yesterday, and I've been recovering my data from it, which took hours and hours, so I left it on during the night. The lightning caused a power outage, meaning I have to start all over again today... (Tech note: it's a RAID-1 array in an external case, and the external case decided to rebuild the entire array for some reason. It doesn't allow me access until it's completely rebuilt, so I have to wait for 1.5TB to be rebuilt, which takes hours and hours and hours...)

Oh, and Holland lost in the world cup final from Spain, and everybody seems to agree that Holland deserves to lose because of the dirty way they played. I can't really argue with that. I'm glad that Holland made it to the finals, but I guess that Spain deserved the win. Congrats to Spain!

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