It all makes sense now

I've been worrying a lot about what path to take next, not being able to decide, but today it suddenly all made sense. I'm going to give up on cognitive science for now and maybe (probably) pick it up again two years later. Right now I'm going to focus on finding an interesting job in an exciting new country. What kind of job and which country it will be is still undecided though. Because my standards for a uni were too high (foreign country, cheap, on short notice, etc. ) I had a lot of trouble finding my way, but now that I've decided to focus on getting a job somewhere else I've basically solved all my problems in one swell foop. If I get a job in a foreign country first, then it won't matter so much to me where I'll find a uni. I get to save money for a while which should help finance the whole thing, and I'll have a long long time to prepare myself to enroll into whichever university I end up choosing. Yay me. I'd apologize for writing this post which is probably only meaningful to myself, but then again, you are reading my personal blog. Muhahaha.

Side note: Android API: almost as bad as the iPhone API!

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