I need a job!

To all people reading this blog: I'm currently looking for a job (as software engineer or otherwise pc-related also possible) anywhere outside Europe. If you're looking for an expert in Java (mobile,desktop or server-side), databases (MySQL, MS-SQL server) or a mobile application developer (Android or iPhone) then I'm your man. Other languages are also no problem (C++, C#, Perl, Python) Drop me an e-mail () and I'll send you my full CV. I have some faith in my blog, in that it has the power to connect me to people I would be unlikely to encounter in real life. I think I might find an interesting (and unlikely) challenge by looking for jobs in this way. Thank you! :)

Update 09/08: I'm unstickying this from the front page. Although I haven't found a job yet, it seems that there is no need for this post to be stuck at the front page.

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