I got a blister today after running. I extended the lap I usually make from about 5km to 7km, and it's not noticeable harder. That's because the 5km lap was already killer for me, which displays my lack of stamina. Since I'm not really improving at all I figured I'd increase the distance a bit. So far so good.

I really suck at focusing on a task, and running is no different. When approaching a corner I already imagine myself 100 meters ahead and automatically start to run faster. This of course ends up in me running out of breath before even reaching the corner. Another distraction while running is random thoughts, which disturb my rhythm. When I have a lot of free brain time I tend to look ahead, which depresses me because I still have x km's to go before I'm done. Solution: I don't look up while running so I can focus on the road immediately in front of me and nothing else. I listen to music with a loud, steady beat (a Eurobeat one might even say) to keep my rhythm steady. I have unequivocal proof that I run faster this way, so I'm going to keep this up. It's no different from cycling up a hill: never look up. Keep your head down and focus on what's right in front of you, then you can never go wrong.

Now, if I could only apply that technique to other aspects of my life...

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