The Dev Rev

Well, my life has certainly gained momentum. I'm in London right now doing job interviews, and am very glad to find out that there are some interesting companies here that are interested in hiring me. Which is a great confidence boost. At first, starting to look for jobs online from my parent's place, I was full of energy and motivation, ready to get back in the flow. Then, realizing that things took a lot slower that I had wanted, I slowly got used to things and sending out job applications became a bit of a chore. Last week I was spending more time on my hobby programming project than on the job quest.

I've forgotten how much I actually enjoy developing software! That was a shocking realization I had after my first face to face job interview in London. I've been traveling and leisuring since the end of March, basically, and although I'm doing a hobby project it doesn't quite give me the same kick as a grand-scale professional project, like the one I used to manage at AK. I had kind of forgotten the feeling of being enthusiastic about a project, but when the interviewer asked me to describe some of my past accomplishments in software, I found back my enthusiasm and the developer spirit flowed right back into me.

Living at my parent's place for months takes its toll, mentally. Everything's too easy. My mind probably didn't run at full capacity at all while I was living there. It was only at the first job interview that things inside my head revved up again and I was thinking at full speed, suddenly able to remember minute details about my past projects that I otherwise would never have remembered, and being able to solve problems that would be very difficult if my mind was not running at full speed. It was definitely the feeling of flow, knowing that a task is very challenging, but also knowing with 100% certainty that you're able to handle it.

Having regained my developer identity, I now have to decide the next step. In the coming two weeks my life's path will change drastically. And it's about time, too.


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