So many things have been going on in my life that I want to write about, but I think it would be better if I save that for another time. So here's a rather plebian status update instead.

My dad's PC doesn't like me. Every time I replace a part, another part fails. It started with the memory, which I replaced, tested and confirmed that it worked. One day after that the graphics card stopped working. Switched back to the onboard graphics, reinstalled Windows just to rule out the possibility that the software was corrupt, and everything worked fine. One day later the onboard graphics fail. I'm now suspecting the motherboard, although it could also be possible that it's the power supply. What I don't understand is that everything works fine when I test it (in my room upstairs), but after moving back the PC to its location downstairs stuff starts to fail again. I've become so paranoid that I'm starting to consider power surges in that particular corner of the house. So I added a power bar with surge protection. No idea if that'll help though. When the new motherboard arrives I'll find out, I guess.

My daily life currently involves solving a problem on Project Euler, followed by watching one episode of The Office (or a random anime). The time distribution varies a lot depending on the problem though. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes, but sometimes it takes an hour to solve a problem. It's a really good way to do braintraining.

Possible mini-trip coming up this weekend! I'd better get it out of my system :D


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