First snow

It's still November and yet the snow is here already. First snow of the year. I preferred Tokyo, where it only snowed once every year. I was rather upset today, or perhaps anxious/excited, but the snow calmed me down a bit. It's so quiet outside, it's great. Peace at last. It's a bit early for an end-of-year review, but the snow prompted some introspection that I wanted to write down. Here goes.

At the end 0f 2009 I was rather unhappy with my life, and I decided that some drastic changes were necessary if I wanted to make 2010 the best year of my life. I quit my job, I went on a cycling trip in Japan, and I am relocating to a new place to work, a place that I had never been before. I realized a lot of things this year, and I accomplished a lot. Still, I wouldn't say that it has been a great year. It's been good. But I think I can get more. There are still some things left to do that would make this an excellent year. I hope I get a chance to do the two things that I still want to do this year. One of those two things is selfish, the other one (comparatively) isn't. But only the not-selfish one could really make this a great year.

Isn't it funny how your life perspective can stay the same for months on end, and then suddenly be completely messed up in a single day? Things that I thought were important, things that I discarded as not important before, suddenly get a new meaning as a new perspective is granted to me that lets me see things in a slightly bigger context. I'm not talking about a magical revelation of any kind, it was more like a very clear glimpse of the past and a shocking look on the present. Thanks to that I realized who I am again, and where I should be going. My core personality has changed very little in the past few years, but as my memory is poor I sometimes tend to forget that and think that I'm a different person now. I'm still me.

And I will make 2010 the best year of our lives.


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