I really don't like winter

But it does make for some beautiful scenery.

As I'm going to be moving away from here soon, I decided to put my precious bicycle into storage in the attic at my dad's working place. Cycling there at -1C made it seem a lot farther away than I remembered, and my feet froze off. I also realized once more that my stamina completely disappeared because I didn't exercise at all during the past three months. All that built-up stamina from cycling around Japan, gone. I'm a little sad about that.

Winter started early this year. I can't remember the last time I was in Holland seeing snow in November. Ah, I miss Japan's warm winters... The sky would be a clear blue and it wouldn't be too cold to cycle. Although Japan's summer is probably worse than Holland's in terms of temperature and humidity, I'd say that Holland's winter is worse than Japan's summer. I realize that does not make a lot of sense.

A busy week next week. I'll be moving out soon.



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