Using a GPT disk in Windows XP

As I wrote last time, I just found out that my 2TB disk was formatted as GPT under Windows 7, so now my poor old laptop can't access it. I don't have access to a Windows 7 PC, nor do I have an extra disk to back up the ~1TB of data on there. I'm going to switch apartments soon so I don't want to buy a big PC yet. Here's what I've considered so far:

  • Buy GPS Mounter for $20, which mounts GPT drives in WinXP
  • Installing Win7 (would probably break stuff because of lack of drivers for my old Japanese-weird-variant Vaio)
  • VMWare+Ubuntu/Win7 and share the disk contents (now that's just silly)
  • Format the bloody thing and re-download the missing data (costs a lot of time but might be a good chance to clean up my data)
  • Wait until I move and then buy a proper PC

I think the only correct solution is the last one.


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