Nope, no smartphone for me

Seriously, starting a new life in Japan was easier than starting a new life in London. What the fuck?

I ordered a smartphone online, together with an 18-month contract. It's very annoying by the way that contracts only come in 18 and 24 months these days. Today my order was canceled because of insufficient credit history. That makes sense I guess, since I've only had a bank account in the UK for a couple of weeks. That doesn't make life in the UK any more pleasant for me though. Rather than accept the situation like a rational person would, I decided to rant about it on my blog and pout instead. Moral of the story: phone companies are evil leeches that want to suck your money.

My living situation is also having trouble establishing permanentness. In other words, I still haven't found a better place to live. I thought that I would be bothered by this, but am not. Geekily, the things that bother me most are that I can't access my external hard disk and that I can't place 2 windows side by side on this tiny laptop screen. Point: I can live portably. I haven't needed any of the stuff I left in Holland. I won't get a subscription for my mobile phone. I won't get a bulky PC. I was planning to get a PS3 so I could play Gran Turismo 5, but it's not as good as I thought, so screw it. I was able to live in a tent for 2 months, anything better than that is luxury. Although I did have internet in my tent...

Let's be minimalist!


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