My oven

My PC is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. Which is really cool, because the audio signal also travels over this cable. What is not so cool is that the audio constantly keep stuttering and disappearing. I haven't found a fix for this yet, but I did discover that it's a known issue. I suspected the TV at first but couldn't find any clues in that direction, so I suspected the graphics card. And indeed, the Radeon series are known to have audio problems over HDMI in Windows 7. The reason, apparently, is the power saving feature kicking in. This has been a known problem since the beginning of 2010, and AMD/Ati have not fixed it. The workaround that a lot of people are using is to manually set the clock speeds to a fixed value, which prevents the power saving mode from kicking in. It also makes your PC noisier and consumes more power.

I found all this by simply Googling. Click a couple of links, read a bit more, and it's pretty easy to discover a problem, and a potential fix. So why, I ask you, am I not able to operate something as simple as a fucking OVEN?

How hard can it be to heat something up in an oven? Yesterday I took some food out of the freezer, read the conveniently placed with instructions on the side, which include in very plain English the time it takes to bake and a symbol for the oven setting that matches exactly with mine. A child could do this. Now I know my ovenry skills are rather weak, so I took precautions. Instead of inserting the food and just waiting until the end, I checked the oven every 5 minutes and took out the food way earlier than recommended. The result: a lot of smoke in my apartment.

I opened a couple of windows, and the smoke was soon gone. Today I tried the oven again and more smoke came out. After some rigurous scientific analysis of the problem, and eliminating all reasonable possibility of user error, I've come to the conclusion that my oven is a piece of shit. You suck, oven.

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