Money Money Money

Now that I am a freelance developer, which is a fancy word for being unemployed, the thing that has been foremost on my mind is money. How long can I last on my current reserves? How much do I allow myself to spend on travel? How long until I need to start searching for jobs again should I earn no money at all? How can I invest my money in a better way?

I don't like money. It's real life's equivalent of boilerplate code. It's something I need in my life to continue doing the things that I like, but I'd rather not think about it at all. Lately I feel as if I am trying to motivate myself to become more interested in money, because that's the only way I can make myself spend time on it. And I do know that I must spend time on it. Simply put, if you're not rich and you don't have a steady job then you can't afford to ignore money.

That being said, I have decided to spend a fair bit of money on traveling this year. I won't always be this flexible in terms of time, so I want to make the most out of it. It's also very important for me to get a change in perspective every once in a while. Being holed up in the same room in front of the same computer screen day in and day out can be very productive, but after a while I end up in tunnel vision and lose track of the big picture. Travel resets me.

I'm still sick. It's the longest sickness I've had for as long as I can remember. My home situation is nearly set up. Next week I'll start developing. Websites. Android. iPhone. Becoming filthy rich would be nice. If that plan fails then I will be happy with something I can put on my CV.

Until next time.



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