Earning money without making an effort

Does that sounds nice to you, or does it sound like you're taking advantage of all the people that are working hard? Part of the reason I am so interested in bitcoins is that it seems to provide a way of earning money without actually doing something. Isn't that ridiculous? There are people working hard for a minimum wage, yet if they knew about this opportunity in time they could've made more money while doing nothing. That's just odd.

The general idea that has entered my mind is: if making money like this is possible, then it displays a flaw in the system, which should be taken advantage of so that things can iron themselves out in the future. My definition of 'system' is probably not exactly the same as your definition, but to me I am thinking of capitalism and entrepreneurship. I think that we're not being pushed in the right direction as a species if people can spend time on something silly like making bitcoins or creating a russian roulette iphone app and make more money than by doing something useful like developing a real-time translation app or giving people access to information. Our motivations are all screwed up.

Or are they? Although I believe that society is not showing us the right direction, I also think that it's perfectly fine to screw society over for its flaws, since that's probably the fastest way to get it to correct itself. Two examples of this come to mind. The first is about bitcoins: it's already become a lot less profitable to use your pc to generate bitcoins. The difficulty level (eg. the time it takes for your pc to find a new bitcoin) has nearly doubled over the past week. And the beauty of the bitcoin idea is that the system corrected itself. It's designed to work this way, which prevents people from earning obscene amounts of money for nothing. Real life is also self-correcting, it just takes a lot longer.

Which leads me to my second example: downloading music and movies. People are taking advantage of the crappiness of the legal ways of watching movies by downloading them without paying for it. That's been happening for ages, but when more and more people start pirating movies then the movie companies are finally catching on. Slowly. But while the legal way of getting movies sucks, I'm all for illegal downloading to keep everybody on their toes.

Perhaps the last example wasn't perfect, as I was trying to illustrate legal ways of circumventing the system to get what you want, but I think you get the idea. It is absolutely possible to earn money by finding loopholes in the system. What do you think of this? Would you do this? Any why, or why not?


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