Finally cleaned my camera sensor

My 50D's sensor has been dirty for many months. I've been unable to clean it myself and unwilling to let others clean it for me, mostly because I think they either won't do a good job of it or it'll cost me lots of money. I undertook yet another attempt today at removing the specks of dust (and even a very tiny hair!) from my sensor.

And this time I succeeded! Well, mostly. I tried everything: those cotton ear stick thingies, cleaning fluid, hairy blowers, kitchen paper, my own powerful breath. Basically everything that you're never supposed to do to your sensor, ever, I did. And every method just made things worse. Except one.

Using the tiny little blower without the hairy appendage successfully cleaned my sensor! Well, mostly. There's still 1 or 2 very tiny spots in a corner that can be spotted at very high apertures, but I'm leaving them. Every time I blow air onto that sensor it's really just a gamble to see how the dust particles will arrange themselves. I got on a lucky streak and they're mostly gone, but I'd hardly call it a well-designed technique.

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