No inconvenience whatsoever

Damn you iPad. The first story I type, I realize that there's an undo button but not a redo button. I will write my story again.

Everything is going too smoothly! I cycled to the station this afternoon, went back halfway because I forgot my water bottle, then hopped on then train with my bicycle and 3 hours later I was at the airport. Bagging the bike took only 15 minutes instead of the 30 that I thought it would. Next to the place I bagged my bicycle happened to me a baggage cart for me to use, the only one in the vicinity. I took two elevators upwards and arrived at the check-in counter. They escorted me to the odd-sized luggage area where I deposited my bike, and all was done. I went through customs, had dinner and am now typing up this story.

I wonder why they call it odd-sized luggage and not over-sized luggage. Is it to be politically correct? Did some fat piece of luggage get offended? Should we start calling fat people "odd-sized" people?

The iPad keyboard is really a lot more terrible than I thought. I can't just type as I would on a pc. It's slowing me down and it annoys me. It would have been an absolute disaster were it not for the autocorrect. Then again, I've had this thing for over a week and this is the first time I've seriously typed on it. I guess the iPad is more meant for consumption, not production.

On my way to London! And Sicily in two weeks! Epic cycling trip!

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