"Idea guy looking for developer"

Here's an interesting article about how idea guys are under-appreciating developers and the effort it takes to actually develop quality software:

Idea guy looking for developer

I find this particularly interesting because, in my period of unemployment, I've encountered various friends who have suggested ideas to me, and I've even actually worked on some projects with them (or for them). The thing is, I never once thought getting an idea is easy. But it is. Spend some time out in the real world, have some conversations with friends, and eventually an idea will roll out. Between the things that I thought of myself and the things my friends suggested to me I have more than enough projects to work on.

The real world demonstrated to me that the idea is less important than the implementation. You need to believe in the idea enough to actually do it, and you need to keep that up for weeks and months on end. It is far from easy to develop something into an end-product. I am stating this here because I used to belong to the opposite side. Having the skills required to bring a project to an end, I was never able to find the right idea to work on. That said, I still haven't found the 'right' idea, but I do have plenty of other ideas. After I quit my job the ideas just started pouring in. As the famous quote goes:

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

On a related note: I just finished an initial version of a website idea plus iPhone app! The app is awaiting approval right now. Expect to see a blogpost about it in the near future :)

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