Where to go now?

We left the beautiful Seychellian island of La Digue on Saturday afternoon, took a ferry back to Praslin island, then another ferry to Mahe. It was a violent ride; the sea was not kind to us. On Mahe we wandered around for a bit, waiting for our flight to Dubai which left at midnight. My knife was sarcastically dropped into the forbidden items bucket by customs because I had forgotten to put it in my suitcase. The second time I made that mistake. Finally passing through customs we made our way to the AoMA (Area of Maximum Air-conditioning) and waited. Then in Dubai, we waited again. The next morning we were back in London. The big question in my head right now is: now what?

I already had strong feelings about traveling, but this trip only brought it out even more. The desire to go 'home' has gone and I only want to go forward. See new places. Do new things. For as long as I can until my money and my youth runs out. This is the start of the sprint. I decided not to go back to Holland this time. I'm trying to find an apartment in London for a couple of months, which will give some time to finish up my programming activities and to plan the next destination. I still have my touring bicycle here. I can take it with me on a trip or come back to London any time and start cycling. All that I need to do now is to start reducing the weight. Both of myself and of my luggage. I haven't decided where to go next, but a lot of fun possibilities are swirling around in my head: buying a camper van and traveling around Europe, going to some random tropical island for a month, Chernobyl ( Xi ;) ), Cuba, Japan. So many places to go. Now is the time to do it. Let's go!

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