If I had 10 million pounds

  • I'd keep enough for myself so I can life comfortably and choose freely how I live my life.
  • I'd give enough to my parents so they can do the same.
  • I'd give a little to my little sister so she can have a safety cushion while she chooses her life's path.
  • I'd invest into a company that my UK friends will create, and I will finally convince (and enable) them to quit their jobs.
  • I'd use however much is still left to start a software company in Japan and hire some of my old buddies from AK time.
  • Aforementioned company would of course have an internship program that would fetch students from universities all over the world (and a Japanese teacher on the payroll too!).
  • Said company would create something that will change the world for the better (which is NOT the next facebook). The bright minds gathered there would think of something, I am sure of that.
  • Finally, I'd buy a certain someone a crappy second hand Mini Cooper just to annoy her :D
  • Once all of that is set up and I have free time again, I'd get back on my bicycle and cycle around the world.

If someone just walked up to me and offered me 10 million, this is exactly what I would do. My dream, if you will. Cheaper than some, more expensive than others.

(It's all your fault Kamil! For talking to me about winning the lottery...)

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