Open source!

I used to host a bunch of my private projects on Unfuddle, which is a great website for hosting personal projects that have potential for growth that are also novel ideas that might generate revenue. In practice though, those ideas tend to be forgotten after a while and die a silent death. I received some e-mails from unfuddle about old projects of mine that were about to expire, so I decided to share them on my github account instead and make them open-source. Feel free to do anything you like with it :)

  • Rankkeeper was an attempt at creating a generic media-rating website à la Anime Planet
  • Goalkeeper was a scheduler/time tracker that was supposed to use the pomodoro technique to help people keep track of what they do. It was a cooperative project that ever really came off the ground.
  • The Android client for Moodlogger is actually a work-in-progress, but I don't have a lot of time recently and other people have expressed their interest in developing an Android version, so here you go.
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