Dilemma of Things

This may perhaps seem trivial or mundane, but the greatest unsolved question in my life is whether I should have many things or few things. I got rid of nearly everything I owned last year when I left Japan, and now that I'm settling down in the UK things are starting to accumulate again. Many things I do not really want or care about, and I feel fine about getting rid of them again at any moment in the future. I quite like my massive TV, but I would not be unhappy without it.

Eventually that moment will come where I will be restless enough to pack up my things and go on another crazy cycling trip, so what will I do with my things then? And before that, while living in the UK, should I gather more things to my new abode so I can be a happier person. I could get my PC shipped over from Holland. And if I'm starting down that road, why not my LCD screens and my steering wheel? In fact, why not buy a racing seat for the PC? I've always wanted one.

But I'll have to get rid of all those things again later. It's bulk material that ties me down to a place when what I really want to do is travel around. The more things you have, the harder it is to pack up and go on an adventure.

There's a lot of things I've stored at my parent's place right now. Many things in that house are eagerly waiting to be used. Like my PC, for example. It's still quite new and blazing fast, yet I'm only using it these days to back up my data.

Should I buy more things here in the UK? Should I sell them again when I leave, or should I send them home to my parents? Should I get things sent from my parents to here while I am living in the UK? Should I just sell it all? I really don't know.


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