Life is too easy

Am I the only one who thinks that life is too easy sometimes? Arriving in Japan 5 years ago was the most difficult time I ever had, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I realize that, due to the experience I've accumulated in my life and the changing locations where my life takes place, my life will never again be as difficult as it was back then. I kind of miss that. No longer will I have trouble cooking things, as cooking really isn't that difficult if you can read the instructions. No longer will I run out of reading material in the train as my iPad 2 has more than enough books on it. Traveling itself has become easy, because I've done it many times before. And if you do get lost, every modern phones is equipped with GPS. Where's the fun in that?

Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate technology. I love my iPad 2, that's why I bought it. I'm amazed every time I use my phone's GPS to find a place. But where's the challenge in that, really? When I look back on my life, the most memorable times have been the times where technology was not at my disposal. This may have been correlation, not causation, but still. It's worth investigating. Not that I'm just blaming this on technology. The other major thing that changed in my life is my experience. But you can't roll that back. You can't pretend to not know what to do in a situation when you've already experienced it a couple of times. Experience doesn't go away, and it changes you. For better, and for worse. You can't experience the same thing multiple times in the same way, but you can find other, new things to experience instead.

Keep life fresh. Throw your life around every once in a while. If you don't, you will fade away.


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