Land of fire, land of ice

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to cuba in January! And in February I'm going to Iceland. How awesome is that? I'm very much looking forward to both. One thing I didn't expect though, was how attached I'd get to my work. I'll be separated from the project I am working on for 3 weeks, and I find myself wondering if it'll be ok, and if it will be easy to get back into that creative vibe after the long holiday. Time will tell.

Daily life is very normal, and very daily. I commute to work, read comics and books in the train on the way, work, eat sushi, work more, go the gym and go home. Such is my daily life. For someone who always proclaims he hates routine I have surely gotten stuck in it yet again. But that's why there's holidays, to stir things up again when things get too normal. 

This weekend there's three things I must do: book the last stuff for the trips, fix my bicycle and study Japanese. The Japanese language test is on December the 4th and I've been slacking off with my kanji practice. My bike's been broken for weeks and it's really time I stop putting it off. 

I'm right at the edge between too busy and pleasantly busy. For my peace of mind I'd love to have one day of the week all for myself. I'd also like one whole day extra to spend with my girlfriend and another whole day to finish all those work things (programming) that I never find time for during the week. Inventing a device that makes the brain work twice as fast is of the utmost importance. 

And I still can't get used to the iPad keyboard. The train's nearly at my station. I'd better get out.

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