Virgin Media: the story continues

The nice virgin gentleman who serviced me the other day was very nice to me.

Ok, now that that's out of my system, back to business. The guy didn't fix my bloody internet. He told me he'd come back on Monday and fix it. He didn't. He did tell me to call him back if it wasn't fixed, so I did. Suddenly he didn't have time and told me to text him my details. Then I never heard from him again. So I called Virgin again today to ask for clarification. Interestingly I didn't have to be on hold at all and immediately connected with a support person. This person told me that nothing was in fact fixed, and everything the on-site technician told me was bullshit and that the on-site guy should have fixed my problem immediately. Great..

So, Thursday. Last chance for Virgin. If they fuck this up I'm going to cancel my contract.

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