I finally fixed my flat tire this weekend!

Messing up the living room

The slime inner tube I bought turned out to fit perfectly for my rear tire, which is slightly wider than my front. I doubt that it'd fit in as easily in the front tire too. Unfortunately the slime tubes with presta valves don't come any smaller than 1.75".

Sicily 2011

As you can see the brake blocks very urgently needed a replacement too. I drove around in London for weeks with these without running into issues simply because it's so flat around here. I finally got the tuning of the brake blocks right and they're better than ever.

Xi let me borrow a really nifty chain cleaning tool that you can see in use here on the top bit of the chain.

Chain cleaning thingie

It brushes each link in the chain while you rotate the pedals, and then the dirt gathers up at the bottom.

Dirty dirt

It's clean now. I sprayed the chain and it's running smooth again. It's going to be in this condition for a while as I probably won't be taking it out a lot this winter. London is just a shit place to cycle. Everything looks the same, the road quality is terrible and there's busses and other horrible traffic everywhere. Besides that, the areas in London are very regimented. Residential areas are really only residential. You can go in and explore for a bit but the only way out will be to go back to the main road that you came from. The main road that's full of buses that overtake you and then stop right in front of you at the bus stop, only to repeat the process again 1 minute later. London is not for cycling.

But I know some countries that are. :)

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