dropcopy: backup files using dropbox

People reading this blog know that I've been looking for a good solution to get my photos from my travel laptop onto my server pc. Long story short: I don't have time to build what I want, but here's an alternative that works right now.

The dropcopy script will move all files in a subdirectory of your Dropbox folder to a different folder, deleting them from the dropbox folder. Using the script you can backup terabytes of files using even the free dropbox account. Here's how to do it:

  • Before traveling, schedule dropcopy to run on your server computer every x hours or days.
  • Copy your newly made photos to your dropbox dump folder. Dropbox syncs them to all your computers.
  • The server runs the script and moves the photos out of the dropbox folder, freeing space.
  • Your travel laptop syncs the dropbox folder so you'll know immediately when you can backup more files.

I know, it's silly and it's simple. But it works.

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