Tearing down the Wall of Mundanity

My girlfriend brought me this board when I first moved into my apartment last year. Since then we've been using it to stick mundane things on there: the Ikea shopping list for my initial furniture, receipts of supermarket trips, local pizzeria menus, that one time I couldn't be bothered to do the JLPT, and a parking ticket. Today I am tearing it down.

This apartment has brought me nothing but misery. I've never felt comfortable here. Some reasons for this I can pinpoint, others I can't. I don't know if it's related to everyday life or not. I think if I was living in a hotel or with a weird Indian landlady, I wouldn't feel the need to 'have a perfect place', whereas if I have an apartment of my own, I want it to be perfect. Perfection in housing cannot be obtained in London, and I was a fool for trying to achieve it.

I still feel massively pressured by having to deal with my estate agent to get everything taken care of to get rid of this apartment. But I'm already anticipating that moment next month when I'll be able to get rid of all the misery related to this place. I'll be unburdened again. I will go on a long trip, and when I come back, I will try again.

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