I'm not sure what makes me so obsessed about the concept of 'home'. When I have it, I try to get rid of it. When I've gotten rid of it, I try to define it and end up wanting it back.

Three places I can call home now: Atsugi, London, Holland. I wondered if it would feel like going home when going from any two places on the graph. After thinking about it a bit more I decided that going from any place to any place on the graph would actually feel like going home, but my initial instinct was to draw the lines as in the photo.

I don't know what this graph signifies. I know for a fact that I felt like going on a trip when I was going from London to Japan, and I'm quite certain that I will feel like going home when I go back to London, yet the arrows are pointing in the wrong direction. That's messed up.

Right now, in-between hotels, with my suitcase next to me, my home is right here in this cafe.

I guess home is where you can find the people that you care about. A state of mind and a proximity, but not an absolute location.

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