Back in London

I'm very sleepy right now. Too sleepy to type a coherent blogpost. The flight was quite tolerable, even though it was BA. Arriving back at Heathrow and then heading to my hotel was a bit of a culture shock, especially since I had a massive headache at the time which made everything seem worse. I've since adjusted and am feeling positive about things. Looking towards the future etc. etc.

Today was my first day back at work. I was worried that I had missed out on a lot and would need time to adjust and get back into things, but there was a lot of stuff to do and I could get going right away. It felt good to be back. To contribute.

On Friday I will meet the people I will be staying at for one month, thanks to airbnb. I'm glad to have found that place. I want to also talk here about the weird experience in my current hotel and how it's all not so bad after all but I am really sleepy. Time to say good night.

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