Today is my last day at Potato. I can't help but remember that day I left Asahi Kasei, almost three years ago already. That time I was scrambling to get all my stuff transferred, taken care of and filed away before my leaving. Today was planned better, but as usual things took longer than expected. Given that I still have time to write this blog post I'd say I'm improving.

One major difference from two years ago is that I'll be coming back here. I'm not packing up everything to say an unavoidable goodbye to the place. I'll still be in London, I'll still see the people I work with today, and I'll even still be in the same office, since I'll be working here one day a week as a part-timer. That's really why it feels no different for me today than any other working day. Gradually I'm moving away from being a paid contractor from someone else into being an unpaid contractor for myself.

I can't help but remember that saying from the Batman movie: you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. I cut off Japan when I thought it was right, preserving its great image in my mind. I also cut off my current project at a good stopping point, so I'll look back on it with fond memories, and hopefully will look back at my time there with fond memories as well. There's always the best time to stop or start something. I don't think I'm far off the mark this time :)

More next week!

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