A two-man team

Not much time to blog, thought I'd leave this short thought here.

During my job at Potato I work with a team of anywhere between 6-10 people, depending on the day of the week and the position of the moon. This situation is comfortable for me because everyone has their own little corner of the code to work in, and no one is single-handedly responsible for a massive bit of code. Everyone can cover for each other if they have to, which happens often as people go on holiday or take breaks.

I've done personal projects all by myself, doing everything from setting up servers all the way down to writing the text that users will see and styling it up to look pretty. This is comfortable too because I have total control over everything. I choose what to spend time on, I choose what to build.

But a team of two people working closely together on Flawless.QA, that's new to me, and I'm still adjusting. Because we're only two people we both feel responsible for the entirety of our codebase, yet because the target we set for ourselves requires so much work it is pretty much impossible for one person to do everything himself. The frustrating part I am feeling though, is that because we're only two people, it almost seems like I could do it myself. Of course it only seems that way, and I know it's not true. It's the effect of two people working closely together and knowing largely what the other one is up to. Brian deserves full credit here as he put in a lot more hours than I did.

The product is starting to take shape. We'll have a new release at the end of this week. It'll be full of cool stuff, and many behind-the-scenes improvements that make our infrastructure a lot more sustainable. More on that later.

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