The evil building

Every morning on my way to work I pass by this building:


This building, every time I see it, fills me with disgust. In this already horribly depressing, completely nondescript, loud, smelly, cold London street, this building stands out for me as something even worse. It's like a black hole, sucking the already limited amount of light surrounding it. It is a building so devoid of happiness that I can only call it evil.

Every time I see this building, I become happier.

Every time I see this building, I am happy that I don't work in that building. I realize that I could just take a different route to work. I realize that I choose to work in London out of my own free will. I choose to take that same path to work every day. And most importantly, I realize that I can choose to change that whenever I feel like it. That building, to me, represents being stuck in a shitty situation of which there is no way out, and thinking about it this way makes me realize that my life is so much better than that. It makes me realize that I am not trapped.


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