Cycling season

Today was 17 degrees. Couldn't have been much better weather for cycling. I ventured out for a bit and ended up making a much bigger loop than I had originally intended.


Google Maps betrayed me. I ended up at a nice reservoir, cycled along it to the north back towards my home, but then found out that the road that was indicated on Google Maps was inaccessible. So I had to go all the way down south again, through the forest to get back. In the forest my gps failed me (of course) so I ended up further south than I expected. Still, I managed to make it back before dark, and was actually not that exhausted when I got back. Probably burning off all that extra energy I stored up during hibernation.

In the forest I was a bit optimistic about navigating a puddle and ended up half a wheel deep in mud, but miraculously my fairly thin road tires held their grip and I managed to get out without getting my feet wet. The way back was along busy-ish roads, but I think that's where I belong. Listening to music (softly, of course), making great progress on a long straight road just feels great. It's much better than cycling on those so-called "cycling paths" designated by the UK, which are cobbly hellholes that will rock your socks off and make you old before your time. I managed to hit 52kph on the home stretch, going down the massive hill into South Oxhey, no traffic anywhere to be seen. Brilliant. I'm looking forward to doing more cycling the next couple of weeks.

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