RIP old friend



Two days ago I dropped my Canon S90 on a tiled floor. The buttons on the rear are a bit hard to press, but what's worse, the lens won't come out any more. I could probably get it fixed, but it won't come cheap as it's well out of warranty.

I've been looking for a new camera to replace my old friend. I never liked the S110 because it sacrificed GPS tagging for useless wifi connectivity. The S100 didn't seem like a big enough step up from the S90, so I decided to wait and see what the S120 will look like. Being able to run CHDK firmware on it is a big plus for me since it allows me to make timelapse videos easily.

Since the S120 won't be coming out (too) soon I ordered a Canon A2400IS, since it's cheap and runs CHDK. Since that takes care of my CHDK requirements I feel more free to choose another brand of compact as my main camera, but I'm not really in a hurry to decide. Should I buy a decent compact again to use as my main camera, or shall I stick to DSLRs? I kind of like the Canon 100D..

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