Cycling trip preparations

This week I will embark on what will undoubtedly be the least adventurous cycling trip I've ever done. I'm cycling my home country for a mere 3 days (any more and I'd run out of home country to cycle in - Holland is just too small..). We pre-booked hotels and won't even be bringing camping equipment, so no random places to stay for the night. Furthermore, I pre-planned the routes on the superbly excellent cycling directions site, and downloaded both the routes and all the map data for the areas we're cycling in to my phone. But wait, you say, I'll run out of battery. Nope. I got a ridiculously large aftermarket battery (6200mAh) and will be bringing the charger pack (10,000mAh) that my girlfriend lent me. I will not be running out of power. I've got an excellent pump, plenty of spare tires, plenty of bike tools. Nothing can go wrong.

There. By saying that I've ensured that something unexpected and undoubtedly exciting will happen during this trip :D

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