Path of Exile .... NO.

Path of Exile is tedious. There's no variation, there's no relaxation. The only thing you do is level up your character, your weapons, your gems, your skills. If GTA is the LSD of games then surely Path of Exile is the heroin. Despite that, I do quite enjoy Path of Exile, much like I'm sure I would enjoy heroin. But in the end all you can think of is the next fix.. to collect enough currency to construct the perfect weapon, to do enough farming to get items and to level up, bleh bleh bleh.

And the worst thing, the thing that PoE just slams in your face, is when you've finished Act 3. There's a palace level in Act 3 that's truly beautiful, truly different from all the other levels, which are quite repetitive. So there you are, having finished act 3, hoping for a bit more variation in act 4, BUT NO, it takes you back to fucking act 1! And the second time through it's more difficult. Heroin. Truly heroin.

No, I'm done with Path of Exile. There is no fun. The initial thrill of mastering the passive skill tree and figuring out the gem system keeps you going, but after that it just becomes an endless grinding experience.


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